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Testimonial – Exuberance for Life Restored

Exuberance for Life Restored
Dear Dr. McManus,
Thank you for giving me back my exuberance for life. My family members noticed a difference in me after just a few days, and my friends are starting to make comments that something is different after only a couple of weeks. I am in my fifties and feel better than I did at thirty. After a full day of work today, I actually took my 3-year–old nephew on an outing instead of falling nearly comatose into bed.

I have witnessed amazing improvements in my ability to think clearly, in the severity and frequency of headaches, in my energy levels, in my physical stamina and endurance, and in the joint pain that I have had for many years. I have completely stopped taking the arthritis medication that I was on for years without relief. I know that I am using healthier alternatives now, and they really work. No longer do I believe that the symptoms I used to have are a necessary part of aging. I feel that I will be able to contribute to our society for many more years, and that is a wonderful feeling to have after the many times that I have worried that I might need to give up my career.

I am very fortunate indeed to have found you and your innovative wellness program.


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