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The Electrolyte Craze and What to Choose

by Mila McManus, MD

Most of the electrolyte products we have examined do not use the most bioavailable forms of the electrolytes the human body can absorb.

Electrolyte powders and drinks are the current craze in the health and nutrition industry. There are a plethora of brands flooding the market to capitalize on the craze and make everyone think they need them. Most of the products we have examined do not use the most bioavailable forms of the electrolytes the human body can absorb. In many cases, they are unbalanced between sodium and potassium which can also be problematic for some people.  Other brands are significant sources of sugar and destabilize blood sugar which you want to avoid doing.

People who are generally healthy, hydrate well, and eat their vegetables, fruits, and nuts daily, probably don’t need an electrolyte mix.  It may be more necessary with more extreme forms of exercising and sweating. There may be individual imbalances and/or circumstances where a medical provider may recommend a supplement. Prolonged diarrhea or vomiting may call for electrolyte replacement.  In any case, if you are going to use an electrolyte supplement, you want to choose carefully and wisely.  We encourage you to talk to your medical provider to determine if an electrolyte supplement is necessary for your individual health and wellness. 

In light of the demand, interest, and poor market quality of most electrolytes, we have identified and now carry a quality electrolyte supplement that is properly balanced with bioavailable electrolytes.

Electrolyte Forte by Biotics Research is a powder that is added to eight ounces of water or other liquid.  It is flavored with a subtle fruity taste and gently sweetened with monk fruit. The sodium-potassium balance is appropriate for most people and the product is gluten and dairy free. The electrolytes, which are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium are in bioavailable forms along with vitamin C and taurine for optimal absorption.

If you need or want to take electrolytes, this in one we can get behind. Stop in or order on line and give it a try.

Be well.

Ref: Biotics Research Practitioner Literature

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