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Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil

At TWIHW we offer one of the best coconut oils in the marketplace today. Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is processed through an old tradition of physical refining using an expeller pressed mechanical extraction and a steam deodorizing process. 1 Many, less expensive coconut oils are made from moldy, old coconuts, called copra, 2 which are processed using chemicals such as hexane, to remove the mold and odor of coconut. Tropical Traditions does not use these solvent extracts and makes their oil from certified organic coconuts that have not been treated with chemicals or fertilizers.  Additionally, they are certified non-GMO. As a result of this extraction method, the resulting coconut oil does not have a strong odor and taste of fresh coconuts, making it a perfect oil for food preparation.  This coconut oil is liquid above 76°F and solid below that temperature, so it is not uncommon for coconut oil to be totally liquid or totally solid and anywhere in between, depending on the temperature of your home. As a saturated fat, it can withstand medium and medium high temperatures for cooking stove top while at the same time offering healthy nutritional benefits and mild flavor.

Nutritionally, coconut oil is high in a medium chain fatty acid, namely lauric acid, which converts easily to monolaurin in the human body 3. Monolaurin is found in mother’s breast milk and strengthens a baby’s immune system. Monolaurin works in and on the body as an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial, thus helping the body to fight against harmful bacteria, fungus and other pathogenic microbes. This medium chain fatty acid, unlike long chained fatty acids, have been shown to have no negative impact on triglyceride and cholesterol levels 4 and in fact, offers many favorable benefits.  Coconut oil is also full of balanced electrolytes helping to support a balanced pH and muscle function in the body. The meat of coconut is one of the healthiest options for a nutrient dense, higher fiber food,
helping to provide satiation and regularity. Coconuts also offer high levels of manganese, potassium and phosphorus.

Our coconut oil can be used for many uses beyond cooking, including as a base for homemade toothpaste (oil-pulling), deodorant, make-up remover and other cosmetic uses as well as many other household uses. A foremost thinker on coconut oil is Bruce Fife, ND., a nutritionist and naturopathic physician. He has researched and written numerous books on the benefits and uses of coconut oil and is a great resource to learn more on this topic.


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