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Urgent Care Virtual Appointments

Under normal circumstances, patient/physician relationships cannot be established via telephone (i.e., must be established in person).  Due to the COVID-19 chaos, the Texas Medical Board is temporarily allowing new patients to be established via phone. (This is true for both urgent care as well as routine appointments).  It is still required that we practice medicine within our state boundaries, though, so we are currently offering appointments only to individuals inside the Texas borders.

Here are some details regarding Urgent Care Appointments available at The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness:

  • Consultations are $199
  • If you’ve never been a patient at our facility, or if it’s been more than 3 years since your last appointment, some paperwork is required for each appointment which will be emailed via Adobe Echosign.  Electronic signatures will be required and paperwork must be submitted prior to your consultation.
  • We can accommodate age 2 years and up
  • Upon request, we can provide you with a receipt/superbill which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.
  • You CAN use FSA and HSA funds for these appointments.
  • Issues that are typically handled via telemedicine that are considered an urgent care matter include, but are not limited to, for example, headache, cold/flu symptoms, sore throat, allergies, asthma, suspected sinus infection, suspected bladder infection, gastrointestinal complaints (such as heartburn, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation), urgent need for a medication refill (see exclusions below), rash (email photos to dchavez@TWIHW.com prior to consult), low grade fever, skin infection, cat/dog bite, suspected eye infection (send photos to dchavez@TWIHW.com prior to consult), suspected ear infection, dizziness, and acute/new onset muscular or joint pain.
  • If you feel strongly that your condition will require blood work or imaging studies, stitches, or possible treatment for stroke or heart attack, please go directly to the ER.
  • The medications that we will prescribe generally include drug classes such as antibiotics, antihistamines, medications for symptom relief of pain and gastrointestinal complaints, and short term prescriptions for maintenance medications for those who are traveling or are in transition to a new healthcare provider.  We will not prescribe lifestyle medications (e.g., Viagra, Cialis, appetite suppressants) or any controlled substances.  Click here for a list of controlled substances.
  • Please note that the consultation fee is for administrative duties, the professional opinion of the provider, and services rendered.  Therefore, the fee shall be paid in advance of appointment, and even if the provider refers you to the Emergency Department for further or escalated evaluation.
  • Call (281) 298-6742 to schedule.  Click HERE for office hours.
  • Once you are established as a patient, keep in mind that you’ll also have access to some of our services, such as ONDAMED, InfraRed sauna, IV nutritional therapies, vitamin injections, allergy testing, and more.


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