Do you suffer from headaches? Is it normal to have headaches? How many a week is normal, and how severe a headache is normal? What causes these headaches? These are the most common questions people have about their headaches. While the 63 billion dollar painkiller industry is telling you to “kill the pain” of your headache, the reality is that the pain is a sign that something might be wrong!
Rate your headache on a pain scale of 0 to 10, level 10 being the worse pain you could imagine. A “normal” headache is usually pain level of 2 or 3 twice per week. But, if you find that you have a headache every day, or that you are taking pain killers for your headaches more than twice per week or if your headache is greater than a level 5, you need to find out why.
There are many types and causes of headaches. The most common is muscle pain. Migraine is another common headache. Sinus, sleep interruption or sleep apnea, TMJ, or even some types of brain tumors and disorders can cause headaches. While most causes of headaches can be treated conservatively, there are other causes that on the surface may seem mild, but actually can be life threatening if not treated early.
You need not suffer from headaches anymore. Over the counter painkillers can cause ulcers, kidney and liver damage if taken in excess or over a long period of time. Find out what factors are contributing to your headache.

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