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Employee of the Month


When it comes to Celeste Valle, well, what’s not to like? Our Practice Administrator and more, Celeste manages to patiently and kindly oversee all operations of TWIHW. She brings calm amidst storms while exuding grace and integrity. She is a multi-tasker extraordinaire and has a breadth of knowledge and skills that she has garnered from her time in the U.S. Army National Guard, 14 years in Healthcare Administration and her Master’s in Business Administration. She can easily transition from running a marketing campaign to resolving a computer problem to solving operational issues and make it all look easy. She possesses a charming innocence about her that is loveable yet not to be mistaken for weakness. She is strong, persistent and does not shy from difficulty. She is one of those rare people who can see the details and the big picture and put everything into perspective. We are grateful for her positive outlook, the way that she leads with a sense of humor, kindness and a selflessness that makes the rest of us feel valued and appreciated. We aren’t sure how she does it all amidst raising a busy family with 4 children, but we all know how fortunate we are to have her as our co-worker, leader, and friend.



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