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Employee of The Month


Renee Long has been a member of the staff here at TWIHW as a Medical Assistant since 2011. With over 30 years of experience helping women with nutrition and eating disorders, and her years of service here working closely with the medical team and our patients, it is no surprise that Renee has a wealth of knowledge. Because Renee is a very compassionate care giver, her patients trust her, request her and look to her for guidance and instruction. Behind the scenes her co-workers consider her an in house mom often seeking her out for her nurturing style or simply because she’s a great friend and listener with an infectious laugh. She has a huge heart for people and furry critters and she is always ready to jump in for a rescue if she sees one having a tough time. She likes a good challenge, a good problem to solve, and with an amazing drive and passion she will persist to resolution. She’s a loving wife, a dedicated mom, and an adoring grandmother who enjoys RVing, cooking, and helping others.

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