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Employee of the Month: Kim Beale

Kim Beale





Our employee of the month for November is Kim Beale. With the exception of Dr. McManus, Kim is our most tenured employee. More than a decade ago, Kim had an appointment with her PCP at a bustling family practice and he was not able to see her so she was put on Dr. McManus’ schedule instead. From that point on, Dr. McManus became her family’s doctor. For the previous 5 years, Kim had seen multiple doctors and been prescribed multiple drugs for various health issues. Kim had expressed to Dr. McManus on numerous occasions her distaste for the medications she was taking. Kim was basically feeling “fat, tired and depressed”. Dr. McManus tried to tell Kim about this “new approach” she was using but Kim was very resistant. Finally, Dr. McManus literally said to Kim, “Give me 6 months and if I can’t change your life, we will go our separate ways. I KNOW I can fix you”. Kim finally agreed and within just a few weeks of practicing Dr. McManus’ health and wellness approach to medicine, Kim was stunned by her results and she soon after found herself begging Dr. McManus for a job. The rest is history. Kim is still shouting this exciting news from the rooftops! Over the years, Kim’s duties and responsibilities have changed but it has always been her passionate and creative personality and her willingness to take on any task or project that promotes the practice, that have been the driving force behind her success. Compassionate, loyal and so very generous and thoughtful of others, it is not hard to see why she is so appreciated. She is a person of many interests and talents. She is a wife and a mom, a musician, a gardener, a chef, a photographer, a fashionista who can convert to outdoor camping, four-wheeling, dirt biking and motorcycling in a flash. It is this exact interest in learning, knowing and solving problems that has allowed Kim to grow with the practice and to help the practice grow. Her name, “Kim” is of English origin and means “Leader of the Warriors”. How appropriate! She leads us every day with strength, passion and gusto. She’s our Queen of all trades, our Miss TWIHW, and our trusted friend.

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