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Employee of the Month- Nancy Mehlert, M.S.

Nancy Mehlert

Every month at The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness, we celebrate one member of our awesome team.  This month, we are celebrating Nancy Mehlert, MS.  Nancy began her wellness journey at TWIHW as a patient.  Several months into her wellness program, after realizing how life changing the experience had been for her thus far, she developed a passion for nutrition and the wellness field, left her successful career in management, enrolled in school to work for a Masters in holistic nutrition, and joined the TWIHW team in 2006 as our nutritionist on staff.

Nancy is unarguably one of TWIHW’s best assets.  She’s extremely smart, kind-hearted, encouraging, amazing at everything she does, and is continually complimented by coworkers and patients alike. Some of the adjectives used to describe Nancy’s attributes include compassionate, enthusiastic, dependable, thorough, accessible, unique, bright, genuine, energetic, fiercely loyal, humble, and passionate. She is sincerely concerned for the health and wellbeing of everyone around her.

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