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Employee of the Month Sandra Caldwell, PA-C


Sandra Caldwell, PA-C, joined The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness 8 years ago as a healthcare provider and is also a member of our management team, overseeing the medical staff. Everyone on our staff will tell you that Sandra is an anchor for us in so many ways. She is always the calm one amidst the stormiest times and to all offers a much needed word of encouragement, compassion and sensibility. She often fills the “mom on staff” role when we need a mother’s tender care and she is as endearing to children as to the elderly. Selfless and loyal, she is especially good at listening, recognizing the needs of others and offering wise counsel and education. She also has an uncanny ability to take a nervous patient and make him or her comfortable and relaxed. Sandra is our all natural gal with a deep love of horses, dogs and animals in general. She loves the great outdoors, and anything just the way nature made it. She is our resident essential oil specialist and knows at least one natural treatment or approach for just about anything imaginable! If you can catch her out from behind the door with patients, it is always a joy to be in her presence and draw from her smile, her knowledge and her serenity in life.


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