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Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Now available in our office, this simple to use, electric essential oil diffuser by Radha Beauty is small enough to use on a desk, in an office or dorm room, or anywhere in your home.  It is peaceful and calming to look at as it gently rotates through a soothing color spectrum. Sold for $24.99 + tax, we also offer a variety of essential oils, perfect to create a thoughtful and healthy gift.

Essential Oil Diffusers are a healthy way to fill the air with the healing power of essential plant oils in water vapor as the essence moves into your respiratory system and bloodstream, providing several beneficial health effects.  Depending on the oils used, diffusing may elevate mood, improve brain function, relax the mind, open nasal passages and fight infection.  Diffusing certain oils helps to purify the air, minimize pathogens, or knock out pests.

Here are a few examples of oils and their benefits:

Lavender is popular and ideal for diffusers.  It smells wonderful and is especially soothing as the day winds down to create a calming atmosphere conducive to better sleep.

Lemon oil is antimicrobial so it can help to deodorize the air and remove pathogens from your living spaces.

Peppermint Oil adds a cool fresh scent to your home and also helps to clear respiratory passages.

Lemongrass has a very fresh scent and is also a natural insect repellent.  It will also help you feel more alert, making it a great one to diffuse in the morning.

Combine lemongrass, citronella and peppermint to healthfully ward off pesky mosquitoes and creepy insects on the porch.

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