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“I am thankful…”

I am thankful…

Hi Doctor M:

Lately I’ve been thinking about TWIHW and thought you might need a word of encouragement. No matter how well things are going there is always some frustrations, disappointments and serious challenges along the way. Whenever these things happen to me, I can get discouraged. I used to save notes I would get from people [that] I had helped. If I was sliding down hill emotionally I would read some of them and it would remind me and help me to get reoriented in my thinking for the better. It was not an egotistical thing but an encouragement to help me realize that things were not as bad as they seemed to be. I have, as well as many, many others, a deep appreciation for you and the work you do. You are genuinely a real person who, as a doctor, has a deep concern for the well being of your patients and are willing to do whatever it takes to help. You have used and continue to use all of your attributes to improve the health and welfare of all your patients. You are very, very smart and proactive but not obnoxiously pushy. You have a kind heart and a gentle demeanor. The love you have for your work and people really shines through to all those around you. An interviewer once asked Luciano Pavarotti about any criticism he received after all the hard work he did performing. His response was that it was not work for him because it was something he enjoyed and loved to do, so any criticism was swept aside. I think that is the way you are. If you are not, then it is the way you should be. Sweep the criticism aside. I am thankful as are many, many other people for you and all that you do willingly and graciously. You keep hitting home runs and we all greatly benefit from them.
May the good Lord give you the strength, ability, courage and enthusiasm to continue what you are doing and peace of mind and heart while you are accomplishing wonderful things for others.

P.S: Maybe you should keep this for a rainy day.


J. S.

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