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Protein Powder Alert

By Nancy Mehlert, MS

The Clean Label Project is a non-profit, consumer product labeling organization working to ensure accurate labeling of food and products for people and animals.  Recently, they completed their 2018 Protein Powder Study where 134 protein powder products from 52 brands were screened for over 130 toxins including heavy metals, BPA, pesticides, and other contaminants with links to cancer and other health conditions. Please check out the study here and see if any protein powders you or your family are using was tested. The results were horrifying!


Because of their work, we will be revising our recommendations to our patients and want to retract our recommendations for Vega Protein Smoothie protein powder, whose company’s products did not fare well at all.  It is frustrating that it takes a non-profit organization to test these products for the public to become aware of toxicities and it points to the fact that food producers do not check or ensure for purity nor do they seem concerned for the health of their consumers.

Dr. McManus and I both believe that few of us need a protein powder supplement anyway because we can get plenty of protein from eating vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds.  However, there are, from time to time, reasons why a protein powder could be a helpful nutritional tool, so we will continue to offer recommendations for specific products.

This study is further evidence regarding our warnings about why it is important to choose your supplements carefully and why we carry supplements, including protein powders, in our office so that we can we closely examine products to ensure you the best possible, cleanest, most effective formulations.

Also, check out Pure Paleo Meal by Designs for Health, which is a trusted and certified protein powder available in our office.  From the results of this study, we would also be comfortable with Ancient Nutrition Cinnamon Apple Bone Broth Protein and the Wilderness Poets Hemp Protein Powder, both of which were rated 5 stars.  These are flavor specific, as not all flavors were rated the same.

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