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by Mila McManus, MD Poly-MVA is emerging as an important nutritional therapeutic means of supporting immune health, mitochondria, and cellular repair.  It is a patented type of palladium lipoic acid complex composed of lipoic acid, the mineral palladium, and thiamin [...]


Our Best Supplements for Weight Loss

By Mila McManus, M.D. **Real patient results Many of you may be wanting to clean up your diet and perhaps shed a few pounds. Needless to say, eat healthfully, eat less, and move more are top three foundational steps to [...]


COVID/Flu Protection For the Winter

By Mila McManus, M.D. COVID and the flu will travel into the new year with us, so I wanted to remind everyone to please support your immune system and overall health to avoid bad outcomes. I recommend a foundational daily [...]

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