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The Doctor’s Favorite Books

by Mila McManus, MD From a Functional Medicine perspective, you will find many of the core concepts and ideas about health and wellness nestled into the following great books. I have routinely recommended these books to people over the last [...]


Easy Avocado Hummus

by Nancy Weyrauch Mehlert, MS Easy Avocado Hummus - This is a very simple, quick and delightful change up, especially for the bean or seed sensitive!  1 Avocado ¾ cup chickpeas (canned) 2 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 tsp lemon [...]

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Our Love-Hate Relationship With Gluten

by Mila McManus, MD There was a time in history when this conversation was unnecessary, and wheat (our primary source of gluten) would have been included in a healthy diet. Why all the ruckus about gluten[1] now? The wheat we [...]


Stop Cooking with Olive Oil

by Mila McManus, MD When you use a good quality olive oil for cooking, it's not doing for you nutritionally what you expected it to do. While it has been determined that olive oil is more stable with heat than [...]

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