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Silver Biotics: Immune System Boosters

Silver Biotics should be in every medicine cabinet.  It is completely non-toxic, has no drug interactions and can be used in or on all parts of the body. This antimicrobial liquid can be used for treating everything from eye infections and sinus infections to a nutrition supplement for travelers’ diarrhea.

Silver Biotics can be used daily to help prevent infections, can be used as needed to treat infections or help prevent an infection when you’ve been exposed to an illness or when you’re first sensing the onset of a cold or flu. Yes, Silver Biotics really are great to have on hand.

Historically, colloidal silvers have been around for centuries and were used by ancient civilizations as a means to fight infections. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, doctors commonly used silver products as immune system boosters.

Not every silver product is the same. This patented metallic nano-silver particle with a thin multi-valent Ag4O4 silver oxide coating creates a very stable and bioavailable product. Safe for children and adults, Silver Biotics® contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives. It is also gluten free, scientifically tested and recommended by medical professionals.

Order your Silver Biotics today online at https://woodlandswellnessmd.com/supplements.html or contact us for more information about colloidal silvers.

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