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How’s Your Brain Working?

By Mila McManus, M.D.

The MoCA is a simple and inexpensive test that allows you to get a baseline assessment on your memory and other aspects of cognition.

Dementia, especially Alzheimer’s,  is on the rise. Establishing a baseline of your cognition allows for early detection of trouble to come, and also can alleviate fears of Alzheimer’s.  Many people have cognitive issues such as brain fog, forgetfulness, trouble focusing, and/or a decline in math skills.  Your issues may be related to stress, hormone imbalance, poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, vascular disease, food allergies or sensitivities, toxins, insulin resistance, a sleep disorder, or infection in your brain, to name a few.  Cognitive decline CAN be prevented and reversed!  Addressing root causes as early as possible will lead to the best outcomes.  

Memory loss or cognitive decline can be a symptom of other chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS, stroke, brain tumors, Multiple sclerosis, heart failure, and depression. When a person begins to experience cognitive decline, it is common to experience fear, embarrassment, and anxiety. As a result, it also creates stress and tension with close family members.  At the first signs and symptoms of cognitive decline, it’s important to quickly evaluate the sources and begin appropriate treatment. 

There is a simple and inexpensive test called The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (aka MoCA for short). This highly validated and standardized test allows you to get a baseline assessment of your memory and other aspects of cognition, such as organizing and calculating. The assessment can be repeated periodically to monitor for improvement or worsening of symptoms and disease.

We administer the test at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The initial test is $39 and repeat tests are $29.  Don’t put your head in the sand about your brain health! Call (281) 298-6742 and make your appointment today.

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