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Product of the Month: Apollo

Apollo vibrations: Responding to today’s stressful world

Information provided here is from www.apolloneuro.com

Apollo applies low frequency, inaudible waves of vibration that are demonstrated in both the lab and the real world to change the balance of our nervous systems through our sense of touch. Apollo waves bring balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and improve heart rate variability (HRV), the most reliable, non-invasive biometric of stress. It can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

Apollo vibrations feel like waves coming and going.  This sensation feels natural because it is.  Apollo’s modes match a natural oscillation pattern between the heart and lungs when we breathe deeply, which consistently improves HRV.  Apollo has seven modes to support life’s activities:

  1. 1. Energy and Wake Up
  2. 2. Social and Open
  3. 3. Clear and Focused
  4. 4. Rebuild and Recover
  5. 5. Meditation and Mindfulness
  6. 6. Relax and Unwind
  7. 7. Sleep and Renew

When our bodies feel the rhythm of the Apollo vibrations, it is automatically recognized by the body as a soothing gentle touch, just like a friend giving you a hug on a bad day. 

Preliminary findings suggest that the specific vibration patterns used in the Apollo technology increase the ability to focus and remain calm during periods of stress and that these specific vibration patterns improve the body’s ability to recover and be resilient to stress, as measured by HRV. These improvements in HRV are accompanied by proportionate improvements in cognitive and physical performance under stress.  Subsequent university pilots and trials have shown that Apollo consistently improves HRV under stress within 2-3 minutes, improves athletic recovery, and supports access to meditative states. 

To learn more and/or purchase Apollo, click HERE.

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