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What is a Biological Dentist?

My View:  William P. Glaros, DDStooth organ chart

A Biological Dentist is a licensed dentist who uses the greatest elements and practices of conventional dentistry, who also has a great appreciation and gives consideration to the relationship of teeth and oral health to the entire body.

Some of the elements and practices of conventional dentistry used include many wonderful and effective dental materials.  A difference would be that in a Biological practice, dental materials are tested for each biological patient to determine which material is suitably compatible for that patient.   We practice with minimal use of any metal products, with the interest in minimizing galvanic (def: involving electric currents produced by chemical action) reactions due to interacting, dissimilar metals.

Reportedly, 50% of the dentists in this country do not place mercury fillings.   We call that “mercury-free”, a good start.  Biological Dentists do not place mercury fillings out of a concern that the filling is a continuous source of mercury vapor at levels that can exceed those considered hazardous in non-dental environments.

We are interested and active in protecting our patients, our planet, and our dental team.  This is called “mercury–safe”.  A practice that is concerned with mercury from mercury fillings has mercury trapping systems in the office to prevent mercury fillings being dumped into our public water supply during its removal from the teeth.  During the removal of these same filling types, Biological Dentists protect their patients with drapes to their knees, protective surgical caps, healthy alternative air to breath during removal, modified removal techniques to minimize exposure, and multiple air filters and purifiers in each treatment room.  The dental team seeks protection by wearing protective Haz-mat-type masks, eye protection, and non-latex gloves that are replaced immediately after mercury-filling removal and after hands have been washed with cold water.

Beyond the “mercury-free” and “mercury-safe” practices, Biological Dentists believe that there are relationships in the body that make sense, according to principals of acupuncture.  This is one of the considerations that leads us to a concern about retaining dead teeth in the mouth, also known as root canal treated teeth.  Combining this concern with the scientific studies showing anaerobic and other toxic bacteria throughout the body with the source being the dead teeth, leads a Biological Dentist to question the health-based considerations of keeping and/or performing root canal treatments on teeth.

Though this communication is not meant to be exhaustive or instructive, a critical element not yet addressed is the importance of detox and nutritional support for each patient.  Best care practice warrants every patient to be working with a health care provider with whom they share beliefs and who is appropriately adept at this service.


















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