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“I made a stunning recovery!”

I made a stunning recovery!

from Donna S.

I began treatment with you in June 2008. I was obese, full of candida, thyroid and hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue and

was feeling sick and hopeless. Within a few short weeks of following the yeast free protocol and getting the right medication and

supplements, I felt better than I had in decades. My energy returned, my palate changed and I lost 50 pounds. I was actually

eating more food, than when I was shut down and ill. My food was fuel, and my body processed it! I made a stunning recovery, and

had the energy and stamina to lead a busy fulfilling life. I was working in a career that I love, singing and vocal coaching.

In 2010 I was diagnosed and treated for tonsil cancer. Because of your work in building my health and wellness, I was going into treatment

in the best physical condition possible to face the rigorous cancer treatment ahead of me. I was strong, well nourished, and optimistic.

I walked through radiation on two feet, and came out on the other side with a complete cancer free result. I was one of very few

patients with my type of cancer who got through treatment without a feeding tube. I am still singing and training musical theatre artists,

Praise God! The work you do is truly life changing. I am so grateful for your wisdom and insight into diagnosing and treating each individual case.


Thank you!

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