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Carbo G

carbo G

by Transformation Enzymes

Adhering to a gluten free diet can be challenging when gluten is used as a food additive and even as a filler in some medications. It may be present in the least expected places, especially when eating outside the home. And since gluten sensitive individuals can become very uncomfortable or ill if they consume unexpected gluten, Carbo G offers a helpful solution to both mitigate anxiety and assist with the digestion of unexpected gluten. Carbo G includes enzymes that break down the polysaccharides which encase gluten as well as the DPP-IV protease necessary to digest the gluten proteins. Improved digestion helps to reduce symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, gas and abdominal cramps associated with grain and gluten sensitivities. Our practice emphasizes the avoidance of food allergens and sensitivities and does not promote the use of Carbo G as a way to routinely “allow” consumption of known allergens. Healing and restoration of the gut are key to resolution of the root problem. This supplement is available by special order at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness. We are offering 20% off this Product of the Month for the month of October!

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