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Oil Pulling for Dental Health

A Number of Benefits with Oil Pulling!cat swishing

Oil Pulling has been around for centuries, but might be better understood if it were called Oil Swishing.  It is a very simple procedure of putting a well-chosen oil in your mouth and swishing the oil around like mouthwash for 5 to 20 minutes, the purpose being to trap germs, toxins, and plaque in the oil and then to spit the oil out, leaving your mouth cleaner, fresher and in good health. It can even whiten your teeth.  The most commonly recommended oil is coconut oil, known for its antimicrobial effects, although sesame, sunflower, and olive oils are also often suggested.  It is suggested that coconut oil kills the bacteria that causes cavities and possibly gum disease, though there are more positive comments and experience of users to validate it than scientific research at this time.  Here’s how to perform oil pulling:

  • Select an organic, raw or cold pressed coconut oil.
  • You can soften ½ cup of oil by putting it in a jar, then place the jar in warm water, add 10-20 drops of clove or peppermint essential oil and then pour into silicone bite-sized candy molds and freeze or refrigerate.  These can be stored in a jar in the refrigerator and one can be used every day for oil swishing.
  • Another option is to place 2 to 3 tsp of coconut oil in the mouth.  It melts immediately. Swish for 5 to 20 minutes, then be sure to spit it out rather than swallow it, as it will be full of germs, toxins, and plaque.
  • You may want to consider where you will spit. It is not great for septic systems and potentially could clog up a sink on a cold day, so a trashcan may be the best option.
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