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Peppermint Essential Oil

It is important to purchase properly extracted and distilled essential oils and we recommend DōTerra as a brand example of that quality.  DoTerra Peppermint Oil is available in our office for purchase.

Peppermint Oil is gathered by steam distillation of parts of the flowering plant and is a hybrid species of spearmint and Mentha aquatica, or water mint. It is one of the oldest European herbs used for medicinal purposes and has health benefits dating back to 1000 B.C.   From a therapeutic and clinical standpoint, peppermint oil is recommended for reducing nausea and soothing the digestive system by reducing muscle spasms.  It is also effective for freshening breath, relieving headaches and providing some antimicrobial protection.

Here are some practical ways to use Peppermint Oil:

  • To reduce nausea, add a drop to your water, rub 1 to 2 drops behind your ears, and/or diffuse it into the air.
  • Add it to coconut oil and baking soda for a refreshing toothpaste, or freshen breath with a drop under the tongue.
  • For headaches, apply a drop to the forehead and temples.
  • Apply to achy joints and muscles to relieve pain and give a cooling effect. Lavender oil can be added and combined with coconut oil for a nice balm.
  • Place a drop under the tongue or nose to improve concentration and alertness.  Great for focusing easily distracted kids on homework or perking yourself up behind the wheel.
  • Bring down a fever naturally by applying a mixture of coconut oil and peppermint oil to the back of the neck or bottom of the feet.

Source: https://draxe.com/peppermint-oil-uses-benefits/

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