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Will the Fake Meat Empire Collapse?

By Mila McManus, MD

We shared our concerns about making “food” using cultured animal cells. Fake meat, like the Impossible Burger, is one good example. 

In mid-February, we shared our concerns about making “food” using cultured animal cells. And April 2022 we wrote about plant-based “meats”.  Thankfully, it appears there are signs we are not the only ones concerned.  This may be more of a fad, along with a power grab attempt, than a permanent change in the way Americans eat.  Here are some reasons to hold out hope:

  • Many consider it conspicuous that Bill Gates has become one of the largest owners of American farmland as of May 2022. He is also a proponent of proliferating fake meat products made from GMO Soy and other controversial ingredients. Is fake meat a profit pushing gig at the expense of human and environmental health?
  • Shares for Impossible Foods have dropped dramatically, and Bloomberg reports the company recently laid off 20% of its workforce.
  • One compound, soy leghemoglobin (SLH) used to make fake meat look raw and bleeding, is derived from genetically -modified yeast, and has been shown in animal models to be associated with anemia, kidney disease, and weight gain. The European Patent Office has revoked Impossible Foods’ European Union patent due to this concern as well as other flavor precursor molecules. The FDA also has questioned if arguments presented in favor of allowing Impossible Food’s products to be considered GRAS (“Generally Recognized As Safe”) establish such safety.

We continue to hold firmly to the belief that cultured animal cells and GMO soy mixed with other flavor enhancers is not real food but a highly MAN-ufactured food.  Be real. Eat real.







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