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Nebulizer Solution Available

Nebulizer treatments are great for Sinus Congestion!  Can also help with infections, headaches and migraines, asthma, and allergies!
Can be done in office or at home.

Take Home Solution:

$29, 1 dose

$49, 2 doses

In office: (unless you have COVID, of course, then see the at-home options above please)

$39 per session


  • DMSO (or Silver Sol used for patients with Sulfur allergies) -helps the vitamin C and magnesium penetrate into tissues. Also a great biofilm buster!)
  • liquid Magnesium (opens airways, can alleviate headaches)
  • liquid Vitamin C (natural antimicrobial, antihistamine)

*   One nebulizer mask with tubing included per purchase


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