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What is Synbio Milk?

by Mila McManus MD

Synbio milk is not  recognized by spell check, and you might best not recognize it either. Synbio milk is synthetic.

Everyday a new-fangled food shows up in the grocery store. Consumer BEWARE! Synbio milk is not  recognized by spell check, and you might not recognize it either. Synbio milk is synthetic. The Oxford Dictionary defines “synthetic” as made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product. This is another example coming from the food engineering world that believes we can replace whole foods with lab-grown, chemically concocted alternatives that are wholly equivalent to the original ancestral real food diet. Reality check…. that’s simply impossible.

Dr. John Fagan is a molecular biologist who worked with the U.S. National Institutes for Health for almost a decade. The co-founder and chief scientist at the Health Research Institute (HRI) now, Fagan says this “synbio milk-like product” contains compounds that have never before existed in the human diet. In fact, through cutting-edge mass spectrometric technology, he identified 92 unknown compounds![1] 

Fagan says you can’t say this is nutritionally like milk in any way. The same concerns exist with animal free meat. In both cases, mysterious compounds are detected that don’t exist in real milk or meat.  These compounds are so uncommon, they have yet to be named. They have never been found in the human food chain. None of these compounds have been tested for safety by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration[2], and they have been put on the market by the FDA that we are paying taxes to watch and make sure our food is safe.

This is an excellent example of the ultra-processed food [UPI’s] criteria we discussed in a recent article about the NOVA food classification system used in the Food Engineering industry. It is a globalist and profit driven system, vastly opposite from agricultural ranching and farming. Be tuned in for industry buzzwords such as “precision fermentation”, a term in biotech industry being used to piggyback off the popularity of the truly health-promoting natural fermentation we encourage you to consume.[3] The processes are wildly different! The long-term outcomes are entirely unknown, but the marketing techniques are stealthy.

Be wise. Eat real. Cherish Health.


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