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“I really had no idea how much my body was hurting because of my eating habits. “

I really had no idea how much my body was hurting because of my eating habits.

Testimonial from Dan G.

In December of 2012, I passed out while taking an antibiotic. I had multiple medical tests done: EEG, stress sonogram of heart, sonogram of the carotid arteries, and a 24-hour EKG monitoring. The 24-hour monitor picked up SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia) and was put on blood pressure medicine. Side effects of this antibiotic include syncope and irregular heartbeat. On November 17th 2014 while eating lunch I passed out again and spent the night in the hospital for observation. Even more tests where done: sonogram of abdominal arteries, CT scan of the chest with contrast, implanted a heart monitor loop recorder, nuclear stress test. All tests came back normal but I was becoming so dizzy I couldn’t drive or concentrate any more. In early December I went to the Emergency Room because I was feeling so poorly. They found nothing and thought I was receiving great care from the GP and Cardiologist. Every time I went to a doctor’s appointment I was losing weight. Just before Christmas, I tried an adrenal supplement and after 2 days some of the dizziness started to get better. I told my GP that this supplement had started to make me feel better. His comment was “knock yourself out”. It was time to find a new doctor because he didn’t know what else to do. So I made an appointment with Dr. McManus. After reviewing my medical history, she started me on a full yeast cleanse, some supplements, and hormones to support my adrenals. The blood work she ordered revealed elevated sugar, Albumin, and ferritin levels, and more tests revealed that I have hereditary Hemochromatosis. If she had not ordered that ferritin test my liver, heart, and kidneys would have eventually been damaged. My yeast cleanse went for seven weeks and I feel great. The third week I had a lot of yeast die-off symptoms. At that point the sinuses started to clear up and the dizziness started to go away. The dizziness is almost completely gone and is getting better each week. Joint pain has disappeared, that jog to the mailbox in the rain or running up the stairs doesn’t hurt the knees or back anymore. Went walking 4 miles in an hour and had no sore joints or stiff muscles the next day like usual. I don’t feel stiff in the morning when I wake up anymore. I really had no idea how much my body was hurting because of my eating habits. We were out with the family recently and I had a meat lover’s pizza at a local chain which was a mistake. Within 2 hours I had a bad headache. Dr. McManus’s approach to cleaning out the body and changing the diet has me convinced. I don’t want to go back to the way I used to feel. It’s not hard to change your diet with a little diligence and planning. I’m looking forward to the next round of blood tests and having everything in the normal range.

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