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Testimonial – Appreciation for a Doctor Who Listens!

Appreciation for a Doctor Who Listens!
I have always worked diligently at maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program. I was always up on the latest in supplements and health trends. I was even certified to educate and guide others to obtain their fitness and nutrition goals. So why, with all of this knowledge and commitment to health and only approaching age 40, did I feel so awful. I had progressively worsened after the birth of my second child. I had fatigue, moodiness, brain fog, depression, thinning hair, IBS, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, heavy bleeding, migraines, joint pain, diminished sex drive, and well, the list could go on infinitely but I have chosen to focus on the few that were beginning to take over my life. I sought help from physicians who only said…

“Honey, you are just in peri-menopause”. A doctor even said “You are just a type A personality and expect perfection from yourself”. Others said “Here is a brochure that explains it all- you just need to take an anti-depressant, that should help with the moodiness and depression”. This type of response led me down a path with several doctors who only offered a pill….. a pharmaceutical! After several years of this and deciding that I truly was feeling worse and not better- and after adding the 10+ lbs I had mysteriously gained, I stopped all medications and trudged on in hopes that I could at least get back to the not so bad feeling that I felt before the pills! Maybe I was expecting too much for my age (40)? I then had the fortunate experience of meeting Dr. Mila McManus and could not believe the information that I had read in her brochures that very first day….could this be true? Could someone really identify all of these life changing symptoms so easily?…. Well that is where we began my treatment and I must confess I think I have been a tough nut to crack but I have worked closely with her for over a year and we have finally found the right combination of diet and hormone therapy that suits me perfectly. The program is not one size fits all and yes, medicine is an art! She is an amazing doctor who has given my future back to me. I had the opportunity to compete in the Mrs. Texas pageant a while back and, although I did not win, it was a great experience that I really struggled to accomplish. After a year in the program another opportunity was given to compete at my first national pageant for United States Mrs. 2006 – and I won! I had confidence, clarity, and amazing vitality and energy and the judges saw that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. McManus- YES we can seek perfection!

Much love and many blessings to you and your amazing staff!
Melissa, CPT Mrs. United States 2006

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