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Testimonial – Help with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism

Help with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
Dear Dr. McManus,
I still can’t believe how good I feel. I was diagnosed w/ hashimoto’s hypothyroidism nearly 4 years ago. The treatment (synthroid) resolved many of my problems including weight gain, hair loss and suddenly abnormal periods, but I continued to suffer from fatigue & lack of concentration for years. I decided to endure the detox program in hopes that I would regain my energy and concentration. I say “endure” because I have always loved to eat, or “I lived to eat” so they say. Detox was amazingly tolerable. In fact, because I saw results (weight loss and dramatically improved energy) so quickly, I was motivated to continue. My family and friends noticed too and they all started the program and are seeing similar results. The meals were tasty too and I didn’t have to alter all that much. I continued to eat out and when I cooked at home, the meals were still simple and speedy which is important since I am a working mother. I’m on my 3rd month post program and I’ve managed to keep the weight off and am as energetic as I was when I was nesting just prior to the birth of my children. I maintain many of the habits I developed on the program; I now “eat to live”. Last month however, I noticed my hair started falling out again and I was beginning to have heart palpitations. After reviewing my bloodwork, my endocrinologist said that since my labs were within range, she would not recommend “fixing what isn’t broken”. I argued something was indeed broken. She said I should see a cardiologist about my heart palpitations and there are many explanations for sudden hair loss on which she wouldn’t elaborate. So, I checked in with Dr. McManus who explained that lab results don’t tell the whole story and that my symptoms were consistent with hyperthyroidism. She suggested taking a lower dose of thyroid medication which I followed and I’m already feeling better. Dr. McManus has made so many of my friends and family and me feel like we’ve reached the maximum potential of health. I’m just regretful that I didn’t start the program sooner! Thank you so much for your time and dedication.
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