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Testimonial – Fertility Problems Resolved

Fertility Problems Resolved
Oh Sandra,
Do I have some news for you. Sorry I have not gotten back with you in a while, but things around our house have been a bit overwhelming the past two months. Looks like you can add fertility treatment to your treatment protocol, because I am pregnant after 4 years of trying and 2 years of infertility. A few months with you guys and boom, problem solved.

I have gotten off the progesterone but am still taking everything else, except the zinc, because the prenatal has 25 mg of zinc in it. I am doing fine and all hormone levels look good. Baby Boy is healthy and due in August. I know what a surprise.

By the way, Chad says to tell you thank you for doing what the traditional medical and fertility specialist were not able to do. We know that by getting off all the medications and going all natural not only physically helped me, but helped us to begin our family. Words alone cannot express how indebted we are to you and Dr. McManus.

Amy and Chad

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