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Testimonial-Rash disappeared, headaches gone, and Aetna reimbursement!

Rash disappeared, headaches gone, and Aetna reimbursement!
Dr. McManus,
I have a few updates and I just couldn’t wait until we talk on Thursday. First, I haven’t had a headache since October 18th (Day 10 of the yeast-free program and supplements). Second, the unexplained/undiagnosed rash I’ve had on one side of my neck for almost three years has been gone since October 21st (Day 13) … and I’ve intentionally NOT used the medication prescribed by Dr. (dermatologist) since starting the program on October 9th. Third, I sent a Medical Benefits Request with a copy of my Patient Receipt to Aetna on October 7th and Aetna sent me a check for $2,595 ($95 more than I requested) which I received October 21st! Aetna has not yet responded to my requests for the prescriptions or the allergy testing/drops.
I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my nutritional consultation with Nancy on October 21st! It was informative, motivating and fun.
I still don’t feel much of a change in my energy levels, but I’m hoping that will change once my body gets used to the thyroid supplement (which I only started October 14th) and the allergy drops (which I only started October 18th).
Thanks for everything!
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