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Testimonial of the Month

Hi Dr. M,

Great trip to Houston last week and sincerely enjoyed having time to meet with you to discuss my wellness plan for the upcoming year.  I truly appreciate being a patient of yours and all your valuable advice.  I’m feeling great and want to keep that going … thank goodness I have YOU!  You also may be seeing two dear friends of mine that live in the Houston area.  They asked me a ton of questions about what I was doing with you and how I was looking and feeling so good.

Also, thanks for the GAPS book suggestion.  Read it all the way home on the plane, and am learning a lot about gut health.  Really finding it helpful with my two kids that have ADHD and a cousin recently diagnosed as bi-polar.

Again, thank you for everything.  I’ll look forward to my trip down next year to touch base with you.

Take care! Mrs. S.S.


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