VegeCleanse Plus Detoxification Program

As the New Year approaches, many of you may be planning to refocus your diet, clean it up again, and help your body get on a good track for the year ahead. Most of us struggle to eat as healthfully as we would like during the holiday season and often that leads to not feeling our best or gaining a few pounds.

We are offering an affordable, formalized program to meet this specific need. Whether you just want to get back on track nutritionally and support your body’s detoxification pathways or you would also like to shed a few pounds, VegeCleanse Plus Detoxification Program is just right. Simple and easy to follow, this is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification.

Detoxification can be done incorrectly. It’s important to properly support the Phase 1 and Phase 2 pathways with the correct nutrients to promote healthy liver function and elimination. Detoxification should also be gentle, and VegeCleanse Plus provides all the necessary nutrients needed to support your body’s processes of detoxification in a gentle way.

Each program kit provides single serving functional food powder drink mix packets and a capsule packet containing Amino-D-Tox™ and Hydrolyzyme™. Each kit also comes with a shaker bottle and a detailed program guidebook which includes a supplement schedule, sample menus and suggested food and snack options.

Program Options

These first two options are self-guided, with all of the instructions and product included in the box.

Basic 14 day detoxification program $172.04

Basic 21 day detoxification program $220.91

These next options are for those who seek accountability, partnership, more education, resources and personal support through the process.

Back on Track Detoxification program $299

  • Includes 14 day detoxification program box and 90 minutes of nutrition consultation to be used for education, guidance, motivation, responding to unique needs nutritionally and introduction to recipes, resources and products to move into the year on track following the cleanse.

Weight Loss Detoxification program $499

  • Includes 21 day detoxification program box.
  • Metacheck Metabolic Analyzer Test to determine Resting Metabolic Rate, caloric needs for weight loss and rate of metabolism.
  • 4 weigh-ins and B-12 injections with accountability/progress checks with the staff nutritionist.
  • 4 Infrared Sauna Sessions
  • 90 minutes of nutrition consultation, 30 minutes to initiate program and 60 minutes dedicated to continuing education to develop a lifestyle that supports weight maintenance as well as assistance with balanced nutrient dense caloric restriction needed during detox to support weight loss.
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