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Black Bean Soup

I confess I happened into this simple recipe by trial and it was not an error! Great strategy for leftover meat. Patients ask me for fast, healthy, cheap, simple meals and this lands it on all counts! These beans are available on Amazon, or on santafebean.com or in HEB stores in Texas on the canned bean aisle.
-Nancy Mehlert, MS.
black bean soupbeans

Serves 4

1 bag fat-free Black Beans by Santa Fe (Ingredients: Black Beans, Salt)
1 cup of fresh or jarred chunky salsa, desired heat
1 cup of cooked beef, pork, ham, sausage, chicken, diced, ground or shredded
Desired toppings: chopped onion, avocado, cilantro and/or cheese*.

1. Prepare Black Beans as instructed on package – this involves adding boiling water and simmering for a few minutes on the stove top.
2. Add salsa and if desired, meat, and simmer until heated through. Thin with chicken, beef or vegetable broth if needed/desired.
3. Serve into bowls and top with desired ingredients. (*we aren’t advocates of dairy in general)

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