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Yeast Cleanse? NO WAY! Not happening.

Yeast Cleanse? NO WAY! Not happening.

I was NOT going to follow the yeast cleanse diet.  I thought it was completely absurd and unrealistic.  Besides, I was already eating pretty clean.  I tried to get out of it.  I was willing to do everything else.   Just not the diet.  Once I met with the nutritionist I was intrigued and thought why not try it.    I was so tired of feeling bad. Week one was pretty easy once I figured everything out.  Week two was TOUGH!!! But once I hit week three I never looked back.  I feel amazing.  My stomach has not hurt at all.  It was hurting all the time.  I felt bloated more days than I did not. Amazingly issues went away that I never expected to be related to food.  I felt like I haven’t felt in years.  I had been wearing a boot for foot pain off and on for months.  A friend of mine who is a physical therapist said, “you need to cut sugar out of your diet.  It’s inflamed.”  I laughed at her and told her that was crazy.  I walked in Dr. McManus’ office with that same boot on.  By week three I had zero foot pain. That is right I said zero foot pain.  No throbbing at night when I lie down. No pain wearing flip flops.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were right.  I am so glad they convinced me to try it.  You have nothing to lose.  I am staying on the diet for life!  Nothing I have eaten is worth going back to how I used to feel.  Every time I am tempted I ask myself “Is it really worth feeling bad?”   99%of the time it is not.

Do the yeast cleanse.  You won’t regret it!

Susie S.

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