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“I’m 100% Better”

I'm 100% Better

from Barbara W.

When I came to The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness one year ago, I had so many issues that I was weary, tired, and skeptical that the wellness program could make a difference. Some of my problems included chronic fatigue, joint pain, headaches, irritability, eczema, loss of endurance, moodiness, hopelessness, foggy, cravings, weight gain, sluggishness, loss of interest, low energy, inability to fall asleep/stay asleep, frequent colds/allergy symptoms, anxious, thyroid nodules, constipation, diarrhea, stomach issues, and more. Because traditional treatment and medicine previously prescribed by physicians had failed me, I was very skeptical and most cynical that I would never get relief. Dr. McManus prescribed a plan specific to my needs, and she listened to me very intently, addressing each issue brought forth during our visit. Instead of giving me a prescribed medication, she gave me explanations, choices, education, recommendation, tools, instruction, and hope. Today, one year later, I am sleeping well, energetic, mentally alert, happy, and I have not had any exacerbation of colds, flu, allergies, or eczema. My joint pain left within two weeks of my initial visit and has not returned. I eat a clean healthy yeast free diet, so my gut is symptom free. My thyroid function is much improved. The support team and coaching is an awesome experience at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness. I felt compelled to share my testimony to help someone else that may be feeling hopeless. I can truly say that I am happy that I made the decision one year ago. I am 100% better.

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