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Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

I wanted to share my really good news with you.  It may not seem like much to others, but it is a major milestone for me. I just got sick, but then I got well again without going to the doctor and without getting any drugs!  I started running a low-grade fever and had chills and aches and pains on Saturday.  By Sunday, my fever was 99.5.  However, as of today, Thursday, my fever is completely gone and I feel fine.

Contrast this with last May.  I caught a cold and began running a low-grade fever.  My nose started running and my asthma kicked in.  I went to my primary care physician, who told me it was just a cold and to continue going to work but get plenty of rest.  A week later, I went back with fever over 100, and I was really having trouble breathing.  He gave me antibiotics and prednisone and a chest x-ray.  It turns out I not only had a full-blown asthma attack, but I also had pneumonia!

This is the first time I can remember where I got well again on my own.  Thinking back over the years, it’s been at least 10 or 20 years that every time I catch a cold and a fever, my nose starts running and I end up in the doctor’s office getting prednisone and antibiotics for my asthma.  Once about two years ago, I even ended up in IMU overnight because they couldn’t stabilize me.  That’s on top of the Flonase and Advair that I take every day plus the Albuterol I take for emergencies.

Thank you for helping me!  I truly think you have saved my life.  You have definitely prolonged it and increased my quality of life.  Now, I just need to stay on track permanently and continue to stay healthy without asthma attacks, pneumonia, antibiotics, and prednisone.

I am celebrating today!  Hooray!

Karen B.

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