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“I am so glad I found Dr. McManus.”

I am so glad I found Dr. McManus.

After going to 5 doctors in conventional medicine I finally decided to branch out to functional medicine. I am so glad I found Dr. McManus. She treated each one of my many symptoms which ranged from anxiety, awful reflux, sleep issues, moodiness, but most of all a nerve issue. She set out a detailed plan with diet, supplements and testing. I felt so much better after the diet reset and taking the proper nutrients my body so desperately needed. Dr. McManus’ whole staff is extremely well trained to help you with anything that comes up. I loved the weekly email check-ins while on the diet cleanse. They give you the resources to help you and they really want you to feel your very best.

From Lana P.


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“I am extremely thankful and grateful”

I am extremely thankful and grateful

Dr. McManus, because Thanksgiving is upon us, I was thinking about things I am grateful for. Simply put, I am extremely thankful and grateful for you, your staff and the work that you do. The more I interact with you and your staff, the more I appreciate each of you. I am very thankful to God for you. He has used you to bless me and many, many others. You could have done many things with your life and taken many different directions but you used your trials and tribulations to help others instead of wallowing in self pity and bitterness. Thank you also for standing up for the truth. It takes courage to do that especially in the face of criticism. You are a doctor, a woman and a person of principle and that is a blessing to all of us. May God, who is sovereign, merciful, loving, forgiving and just, bless you with every good thing. May He fill you with His wisdom and give you His peace, courage, strength and love all the days of your life. May His light continue to shine through you so that others may see your good works and glorify Him.

Sincerely, J & M

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“…reflecting on how far I have come.”

...reflecting on how far I have come.

“Dr. McManus……I am having one of those days today where I am reflecting on how far I have come. I looked back and realized that my life changed the day I met with you on 2/6/09! You literally changed the course of my life! I was overcome with depression and anxiety and I was walking thru my life in a FOG! YOU changed that all for me and I will forever be grateful.” from D.B.

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“…your program and staff have changed our health…”

...your program and staff have changed our health...

Good morning!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I’m doing well, feeling good and staying the course of vitamin regimen, hormone creams and clean eating-down 15 lbs. as a result of the program.

My husband went on the program with me (thankfully) he’s lost 25 lbs.-and feels great. He had a lot of joint pain and congestion-GONE.

We’d like to provide a testimony letter on how your program and staff have changed our health which we have continued to follow as a lifestyle—post 28 day cleanse :–))

We also enjoy the monthly electronic newsletter as there is a plethora of helpful information.

from M.S.

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“You truly are a blessing!”

You truly are a blessing!

from Debbie

Thank you! You are amazing!! You took a stressed out person who was freaking out about not wanting to take prednisone and you gave me hope in an alternative therapy. You truly are a blessing!! I mean that. Jesus uses you to heal us. You are an answer to my prayers and thank you for the positive and hopeful attitude to my disease. Love you and your lovely staff lots!! Thanks for all you do!!!

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“Amazingly…the pain is gone!”

Amazingly…the pain is gone!

From G.M.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer.  I went to MD Anderson for treatment and I was in a study.  I received 33% more chemo treatments and there were many side effects that have lasted for more than 17 years, one of which was neuropathy in my feet and toes.  The numbness and tingling was annoying, but two years ago the numbness and tingling turned into pain and burning in my toes, in particular my right big toe.  I couldn’t let the sheets touch my feet and it would often wake me up and I would have to massage my toes before I could go back to sleep.   Dr. McManus suggested I try ONDAMED.  Amazingly, after only 6 sessions, the pain is gone!   That was 6 months ago.  I have not thought about it since!

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Sleep apnea gone, lost weight, and energy is great!

Sleep apnea gone, lost weight, and energy is great!

Mark W.

I was always tired, snored all the time and was told I would need a CPAP machine. I didn’t want to have to wear the machine so I looked for other alternatives. Thankfully I found out about the medical weight loss program at TWIHW. When I started your plan I weighed 248lbs and after 22 days I now weigh 217lbs. The transformation I have gone through and the 2 pant sizes I have dropped amazes me and my family. My snoring is gone. I feel alert and more energetic than I have in a long time, even with the restrictive calories. I’m the type of person that likes to see immediate results, and this is it!

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…Leaving me feeling like my normal self again!

…leaving me feeling like my normal self again.

from Stacey R.

After consulting on symptoms associated with perimenopause, Dr. McManus recommended using a progesterone cream as a natural way to balance hormone levels. After using the cream as directed for a couple of months, my irritability and headaches subsided, leaving me feeling like my normal self again.

Her comprehensive knowledge really helped me understand the changes happening and how to address them in subtle ways that really made a difference. I wish more doctors practiced wellness instead of prescribing medications to treat isolated symptoms. If I had taken another doctor’s advice, I would be taking migraine medication that would have done nothing to address my hormone imbalance.

Many thanks to Dr. McManus!!!

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The treatments I received over the course of just 2 weeks has changed my life…

The treatments I received over the course of just 2 weeks has changed my life...

Dr. McManus,

I’m certain when you considered purchasing the PEMF device that you were certain it could help your patients with various conditions, but were you prepared for not just helping but changing lives?  The treatments I received over the course of just 2 weeks has changed my life from one of constant pain and sleepless nights to 98% pain free and sleeping soundly!  I have had tendonitis in my left elbow and numbness in two of my fingers with 70% nerve conduction loss for over a year.    I am a medical professional, so I have tried months of NSAIDS, 30 days of continuous steroids and 3 steroid injections to try to relieve the pain to no avail. I finally had surgery in July and it did not work.  I had another surgery this past December, but it left my left elbow with hyper-sensitivity due to the relocation of the nerve.  I could not touch the inside of my left elbow, nor even have the sheets rub against it at night because it would cause severe pain.  I decided to try your PEMF therapy but was completely skeptical that such a device would do ANYTHING, but what was there to lose.  Well, to my amazement, after the first treatment, I could actually touch the area around my scar.  I couldn’t believe the machine had worked.  Now, after 2 weeks of treatment, I can not only touch the skin around the incision, but I can touch the incision and rub the scar to release adhesions.  I can wear my long sleeves without any pain.  Better yet, I can sleep!!  I want to thank you for thinking outside the box and doing your research to stay on top of what is out there to better the lives of your patients.  You and your staff have made such a difference in the quality of my life.  I will forever be grateful because I had just made up my mind I would live in discomfort forever and then you introduced me to ONDAMED.  I am recommending this treatment to all my friends who have a variety of issues, not just pain.  Additionally, on more than one occasion, the machine indicated I was having issues elsewhere before I ever mentioned anything to you that I was in fact having issues in that particular area.  This treatment works and it works well!  Again, thank you for staying vigilant.


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