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I was suffering with PMS symptoms for a long time.

I was suffering with PMS symptoms for a long time.

I was suffering with PMS symptoms for a long time. Mood swings, irritability, headaches, fatigue, etc. These symptoms were ruling my life and I had low energy for years. In September 2015 I started the wellness program with TWIHW. With their comprehensive treatment plan including yeast cleanse and hormones and supplement support, my life is SO much better. As I am following a vegetarian diet, they customized my treatment plan accordingly. No more PMS symptoms and my energy level is very much improved.  I truly feel like I got a new life! Thanks so much team TWIHW. – HM

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…my teen still had problems…

...my teen still had problems...

My teenage daughter is a very happy patient of The Woodland’s Institute for Health and Wellness. My family had already made a few diet changes at our home and were all noticing positive differences but my teen still had problems with rashes, moods, sleep, and focus. First, my teen stopped being confused and stressed over school work and sports 2 weeks into the yeast cleanse. She always did well in school and sports but it seemed to be more of a stressful struggle. Now she laughs more, feels better, smiles a lot, moods are great, less fatigued, and is doing better in sports and school than ever before. And the rash has disappeared. Weekly complaints of joint pain are no more. My entire family is very grateful for these amazing changes, all made possible by the wonderful team and nutritionist at The Woodland’s Institute for health and wellness. You guys are amazing!!

from D.W.

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My health has improved so much with their innovative treatments…

My health has improved so much with their innovative treatments...

Praises and gratitude for Dr. McManus and her staff! I’ve been seeing them for 2-3 years now and can only rave about the outstanding job they do @ TWIHW! There’s such a Positive Energy in their facility from the moment you walk in the door – everyone’s smiling, friendly, competent AND they actually see you on time… The list goes on and on!

My health has improved so much with their innovative treatments (I’ve seen many doctors for over 20 years without similar results) – I used to have 2-3 migraines per week, and have now had only 2 in the last 7 months! In addition, my decades long insomnia issues are improving; not only have I been able to cut my sleep medication by more than half, the number of hours of good sleep has doubled (as measured by my FitBit, + finally feeling refreshed in the mornings instead of that awful fatigue).

Fibromyalgia pain has also diminished under Dr. McManus’s care & my food sensitivities continue to improve – what more can I say? I look forward to my appointments with Dr. McManus – both to see everybody (they’re like a cool family) and to share how much better I’m doing! Truly they are some of God’s helpers here on Earth – what a Blessing!!! Eternal gratitude – Thanks you guys!!!

From Marti R.

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His quality of life is so much better…

His quality of life is so much better...
My son, CJD, now 13 years old, has had a remarkable improvement in his health through the yeast cleanse, sub-lingual allergy drops (A-drops), and supplements that you prescribed.  Before coming to you, he suffered with severe allergies, asthma, eczema and constipation.  As a baby and a young child, he was so sick and seemed to get worse with age and more traditional medical treatments.  After 3 weeks of the yeast cleanse, the scabs and wounds, from scratching his skin until he would bleed from the eczema, completely disappeared and have not returned.  He has not missed but one or two days of school due to illness this past school year, and his allergic reactions are fewer and not as severe as before the cleanse and the A-drops.  His quality of life is so much better thanks to the treatment plan recommended by you.

Many thanks,

Laurie D.

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