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Elimination Diet

by Mila McManus MD

Hit your factory reset button with the elimination diet!  Dr. Mark Hyman was interviewed on the Today show this morning discussing this very thing.  We’ve been recommending the elimination diet to our patients for over 10 years now. It’s comical how behind the times the media can be regarding health issues.  An elimination diet is simply taking certain foods out of your diet to see if particular health issues improve.  Perhaps you have “FLC” disorder, quoted by Dr. Mark Hyman this morning, which stands for “feel like crap”.  Or perhaps you have an autoimmune disease or a skin disorder or joint pain or brain fog or depression or anxiety, all of which may improve with eliminating certain foods from your diet.  The most common culinary culprits causing your symptoms include gluten (wheat products), dairy, eggs, soy, and sugar.  I know this sounds scary, but you really can be very satisfied with what you still have to work with, such as fruit, vegetables, avocados, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and so on.  Call 281-298-6742281-298-6742 today to get help with whatever ails you.





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