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Fulvic Acid: Your Doctor May Ask You to Eat Dirt

by Mila McManus, MD

Fulvic acid serves plants by activating nutrients for better absorption by the plant cells. .. taking fulvic acid is “eating dirt.”

Traditional medicine and modern research are claiming that fulvic acid (FvA) can modulate the immune system and influence the oxidative status of cells. Also, fulvic acid can improve gastrointestinal function according to a review article in the Journal of Diabetes Research[1]. Both oxidative stress and gastrointestinal stress are hallmarks of diabetes.  Scientists and functional doctors all over the world are discovering many other benefits of this organic compound found in soil, rocks, and sediments.  It is formed by the decomposition of plant and animal matter and is antioxidant rich and very alkaline. In the soil, fulvic acid serves plants by activating nutrients for better absorption by the plant cells.[2] So yes, technically speaking, taking fulvic acid is kind of like eating dirt!

A closer examination of fulvic acid points to its extraordinary potential. In the human body, it serves to carry nutrients throughout the body. It contains trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, silica, prebiotics, and probiotics. It is deeply nutritious for us. Research indicates that it can transport over 60 minerals and other trace elements directly into the cells. Other benefits include:

  • Improves gut and immune function because of the pre-and pro-biotics found in it.
  • Helps to dissolve, enhance, and transport nutrients into the body for better absorption.
  • Serves as an electrolyte, balancing permeability of cells in the heart, muscles, brain, and digestive tract.
  • Combats free radicals, oxidation, and inflammation.
  • Increases enzymatic activities in the body.
  • Attracts and binds heavy metals and makes them water soluble for excretion.
  • The antioxidant properties help to protect the brain against degenerative cognitive conditions, such a Alzheimer’s.
  • Some evidence suggests fulvic acid can improve healing of wounds, rashes, and other skin infections.
  • As a result of detoxification, reduced inflammation, and increased absorption, energy is increased and pain is decreased.

Fulvic acid is available as a natural health product found in tablets, powder, and liquid forms. Care should be taken when starting fulvic acid since it causes a detoxification reaction as it helps to carry toxins away from the body.  It is important to have regular bowel movements before taking it to ensure the body’s ability to remove bound toxins quickly. It may be best to seek medical supervision before using it. Here at TWIHW, our medical providers are available to help you determine if fulvic acid is a good option for you and can guide you in its proper use.

[1] From “Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes,” by John Winkler and Sanjoy Ghosh, 2018, Journal of Diabetes Research, Volume 2018, Article ID 5391014, Copyright ©John Winkler and Sanjoy Ghosh.

[2] https://lindseyelmore.com/the-supplement-youve-never-heard-of-fulvic-and-humic-acid/

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