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Supplement Quality Uncertainty-I bet you didn’t know this!

by Mila McManus, MD

We expect our food to be what it says on the ingredient label. We assume the gasoline we put in our cars is not watered down.  We figure the bottled water we buy is pure, clean, harmless water.  And we are confident everything sold on Amazon is genuine, authentic, and good quality.  Should we always be this confident? For all four of these assumptions, I can recall at least one news story or personal experience where this was not the case!

Supplement ingredients and purity are no different! Wise decision making is needed to avoid some sad falsehoods. Supplements are an exploding industry, and not everyone is testing for quality, dosage accuracy, and purity. One study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine[i] showed that more than 71% of melatonin supplements contained more or less than the package dose indicated, some by considerable amounts. This study is just one example of many. Supplements, like melatonin, are not fully regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and there are no federal requirements that companies test their supplements to ensure they contain the amount advertised. Examples like this continue to surface routinely and are the reason, in 2017, I wrote an article about supplement ingredients and quality, and feel the need to present it again.  Things have not changed, and perhaps they have gotten worse.  Did you know that 1 out of every 2 supplements sold on Amazon is counterfeit? 

We source high quality, carefully tested supplements for our patients and are also happy to ship them to you.

[i] https://jcsm.aasm.org/doi/10.5664/jcsm.6462

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Protect, Prevent, Prevail

By Mila McManus, MD

One of the most interesting questions that medical personnel are asking during this viral event is “Why do some people get the infection and never have symptoms while others get critically ill or die from it?”  One clear pattern continues to surface: those with compromised immune health and multiple health issues have been at greatest risk for poor outcomes.

Now, more than ever before, we see the value of taking care of our health so that we are able to mount a protective response to external threats such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, and toxicants.  Reflected in the reports regarding fatalities from the Coronavirus is the clear message that those who were, and continue to be at greatest risk, are those who suffer from chronic disease, such as obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, cardio-vascular disease, and otherwise compromised immune systems. Overall health matters more than ever in these uncertain times. While we cannot control what’s in the environment, we have at least some control over our body’s ability to cope with environmental assaults.

Protect: First line minimum considerations for good health include a number of foundational lifestyle choices.  Because our food, even at its best, does not offer all of the nutrition we need, supplementing with a multi vitamin and a probiotic is first line for everyone. A healthy diet is important, and first and foremost, eliminating sugar is critical, as sugar suppresses immune function.  Stress also suppresses immune function. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and removing unnecessary stressors are important for good immune and overall health. Quality and quantity of sleep is also foundational since it’s when we sleep that the body performs major maintenance, healing, detoxification, and resetting. And finally, washing hands frequently, and keeping them off your face, remains tried and true.

Prevent and Prevail: The minimum, however, may not be quite enough.  Especially if you are already compromised, have more exposures (healthcare workers, teachers, frequent travelers)  and/or simply want to be more vigilant (and we recommend that!), there is more you can do.  Combinations of the following are also excellent protections to build immunity and prevent infection.

  • Choose to regularly visit a wellness physician (aka functional medicine specialist) to prevent illness and address issues at the root cause. (We appreciate your referrals to The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness!)
  • Improve nutrition, sticking to whole, real food that stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Take care of your mental health, manage stress and deal with emotional baggage.
  • ONDAMED Energy Therapy and InfraRed Saunas are excellent immune defense therapies.
  • Essential OilsOnGuard, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), and Eucalyptus are just three good air and hand sanitizers, can be diffused, used on dryer balls and in cleaning solutions.
  • Additional Supplements
    • Immune Strengthening: Wholemune, Viracid, Transfer Factor Multi-Immune
    • Vitamin C – oral and Mega Dose IV therapy
    • Zinc – 25mg daily (twice daily for 2 weeks with acute exposure or if ill)
    • Vitamin D – at least 2000iu daily. If potential viral exposure, then 25,000iu daily for 3 days.
    • Silver Biotic – oral liquid and topical gel. Excellent hand sanitizer and a natural anti-microbial.
    • L-lysine – 1000mg twice a day
    • Quercetin Bromelain Forte -Combination of quercetin, bromelain and vitamin C. Immune boosting and antiviral properties, as well as antihistamine properties. 
    • Protease – work up to 1 capsule 3 X a day between meals (2 hours away from food). This can cause upset stomach or diarrhea, so start with 1 capsule and increase daily as tolerated.  If you take any blood thinners, consult with your doctor, or pick other options listed here.

If you or someone you know needs help getting well and staying well, visit The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness so that next time a virus floats through town (and it will), you will be ready to protect, prevent and prevail!

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“I honestly did not think I would have seen the benefits so soon.”

from   L.S.

I am definitely seeing the benefits of this cleanse and all the supplements Dr. McManus prescribed. I have more energy, my skin is beautiful, and for the first time I don’t have swelling in my hands and feet (so bad I want to amputate). My pain is about 10% better. But, the best thing I have noticed (for the first time in my life) I am never hungry or crave anything. Trust me I have tried all the DIETs: healthy eating / organic/ algae-E3 Live/ Isagenics/ pills/ cleans/ Eat right for your blood type/ Keto/ Paleo/ Mega Cleans/ Starvation/ and fad DIETs and all I do is DIE every time. Lol.  I finally have hope today, instead of wishing I would die or better, someone put me out of this misery. I honestly did not think I would have seen the benefits so soon. I am losing weight. I lost 7 lbs. I don’t even care about the number, I’m just glad all my work is paying off and I can fit in my clothes comfortably.  Thanks, and tell Dr. McManus she is an Angel

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Black Box Detox II (Detox Program in a Box)

Black Box Detox II, Detox program in a box


By Quicksilver Scientific

Available at TWIHW



Many people begin the year with a detoxification program to get back on track and start the year out right.  This year, we are offering the BLACK BOX DETOX II, by Quicksilver Scientific.  While it is a supplement regimen for detoxification, and not a diet, we recommended that it be paired with a clean, whole food diet similar to our Health Reset Protocol, or a Paleo style diet.

For this, and other detoxification programs, give us a call or visit our website.

Quicksilver Scientific describes this 4-week program as – designed to support the body’s natural processes of detoxification and targets hormones, plastic-related compounds, mold toxins, herbicides and pesticides, and even metals on multiple levels. The box contains all the supplements needed for the protocol as well as complete instructions.  The box includes the following products:

  • Nanoemulsified DIM, which acts to open up the body’s endogenous antioxidant and detoxification systems, calm immune system reactivity and support healthy hormone metabolism. *
  • Liposomal Glutathione delivers the body’s core antioxidant and detoxification compound and is one of the anchors of the system. *
  • Liposomal Methyl B-Complex provides B vitamins necessary for cellular metabolism and detoxification reactions. The liver has a high demand for B-vitamins during active detoxification. *
  • Micellized Pure PC delivers phosphatidylcholine, the main component of cellular membranes and a component of healthy bile flow, a key support for liver and brain during active detoxification. *
  • Bitter X enhances the body’s natural elimination process in the liver/gallbladder and kidneys, by introducing herbs which boost their normal function, pushing the cellular and blood-borne toxins out through the urine and bile into the digestive tract. *
  • Ultra Binder delivers a comprehensive blend of toxin binders, chosen for their overlapping specificities, to efficiently bind many different classes of toxins in the GI Tract. *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information provided by Quicksilver Scientific.





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“I feel more like myself”

I feel more like myself

Hi Sandra-

Thank YOU for your continued patience & support with me over the years. After the B-shot, Ondamed treatment yesterday & starting back on supplements Saturday, I’m feeling much better (at least 75% better).  Given how badly I was feeling, it feels miraculous! 🙂

I  feel more like myself today, (with) improved flexibility/mobility/energy.



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ProThera Supplements

Here at TWIHW, one of the supplement lines we offer is ProThera.  Below is a list of what ProThera does that gives us confidence that we are providing high quality supplements to you.  See the main article in today’s newsletter by Dr. McManus to learn more.

ProThera, Inc:

  • Produces their nutraceuticals in licensed manufacturing facilities that strictly adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) through all stages of production.
  • Every lot of material is selected based on purity, bioavailability, documented actions and safety characteristics.
  • All components are tested and certified for active components, toxic elements and microbial content.
  • Purity and potency of all raw materials is verified through independent testing laboratories.
  • All raw materials undergo quarantine, inspection, evaluation and identity testing by infrared spectroscopy.
  • Each finished product is evaluated for quality control.
  • Products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives and colorings.
  • The inactive substances (known as excipients) that serve as the vehicle or medium for a nutraceutical are naturally-derived, inert materials including cellulose-based product, vegetable-derived magnesium stearate, L-leucine and silicon dioxide, all used in very small amounts to aid in encapsulation and tableting.
  • Avoid the use of common allergens such as wheat, corn, soy, yeast and dairy unless otherwise specified on the label.





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Supplement of the Month: Help with Depression and Anxiety

happyThere are a number of supplements that can be very helpful in supporting our mental health and function. Combined with improving the diet, getting regular exercise, balancing hormones, controlling chronic pain, getting adequate sleep, balancing gut flora (microorganisms), and other non-pharmaceutical approaches to treating depression and anxiety, here is a list of several supplements we frequently use at The Woodlands Institute:

 L-Theanine is an amino acid compound found in green tea and is noted for its ability to relax and calm, while improving focus without causing drowsiness.

 5-HTP is extracted from the seeds of the Griffonia plant, a shrub principally found in West African countries, and is an amino acid derivative that’s an immediate precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) produced both in the intestinal tract and the brain and is important for promoting calmness and sleep in addition to alleviating depression. It can also be helpful in reducing carbohydrate cravings and supporting healthy eating patterns. 5-HTP should not be taken with antidepressants without medical supervision.

 L-Tyrosine is also an amino acid found in the human body that is a precursor for both thyroid hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline. These neurotransmitters are needed to support stress response mechanisms, mood, and our ability to concentrate.

Other important supplements we commonly recommend to support mental/brain health include fish oil or krill oil, vitamin D, magnesium, and B-complex.

Discuss with your healthcare provider which supplement(s) may benefit you. We highly recommend medical supervision for use with all of these supplements.

*The product information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease, nor does it replace professional medical advice.  (The FDA makes us say that)
*Warning: Please consult a health care professional before using these products.









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More Energy Than I’ve Had In Years

More Energy Than I've Had In Years

Dr. McManus,

I saw you for the first time on Monday and started implementing the plan (supplements/hormones) on Tuesday after the lab work. By Saturday, I had way more energy than I’ve had in YEARS, and I could focus and think of words. It’s been awesome! I can hardly wait for The Pellet. 🙂

I started the Yeast Detox yesterday. Nancy is right:  you have to plan, plan, plan — which I was finally able to do since I had energy & could focus. 🙂

I can’t imagine how much better I’ll feel by the end of August…..I’m sure my husband will also be thrilled.

Thank you!


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